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"In this day and age, [this] kind of care, customer service and attention to detail is difficult to come by - in any industry!" - Adrian Velez, K & S Test Products, Chandler, AZ



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Technical/Hardware/Software Support

ezSolutions Customers Email Configuration/Setup

ezSolutions Name Server (NS) Information

Unsolicited Email (SPAM)/RBL Warning

Computer Virus & Malware Protection

Search Engine / Online Marketing F.A.Q.

Slow or Crashing PC?

Using UTE (Universal Table Editor)

Securing Your Wireless Network

Free Computer Classes

Search for help on general computer issues at Google's groups search engine

Search for help on Microsoft related products at Microsoft's Knowledgebase

Technical Definitions


VNC - Virtual Network Computing - VNC allows you (and/or others) to access your computer remotely over any network (including the Internet).  Make sure to set a (strong) VNC server password when setting up/running VNC so that unauthorized users cannot access your system when VNC server is running and you are connected to the Internet, and always run the latest version. We recommend using a version of VNC that includes security.

"Unzip" compressed ZIP files using FreeZip - Free, small, easy to use, and integrates with the Windows "shell", great freeware.

Download the software you need to complete a task from

*ezSolutions Computers, Data and Internet offers no warranty/guarantee related to the download/installation/use/etc. of software.  Make certain that software is compatible with your operating system prior to installation.

Administrative Help

ezSolutions billing

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